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adc Évora

A family owned hotel


Thank you for considering our hotel for your visit to Évora. Our purpose is to meet your needs, handle the details, and reveal our town and region to you in a way that only we can.

We have created this website to help you determine if we are the right hotel for your stay, to help you determine how long you should stay, select the right room type and provide you with some ideas ahead of your visit.

3 Perfect Nights

Your time is precious. With so much to see and do, how long should you stay in a single place? 

THREE NIGHTS allows for a full day in town plus two day trips, plus three wonderful meals. There are some incredible smaller towns you can do from Évora. We highly recommend and we can help you plan.

One night barely allows enough time to see the top monuments in Évora or sample the unique local gastronomy. An extra night allows you to spend a bit more time inside the walls or a day trip into the countrside. The countyside is charming, filled with history and easy to navigate.

If you want to do a deeper dive. we can provide you a weeks worth of memorable activities.

Wine Touring & Foodie Heaven

The  Alentejo wine region is not extremely well known internationally, although that may change one day.

The overall quality of wine will surprise you, both reds and whites. Quite a few of the grape varieties grown in the Alentejo aren't found elsewhere. Many of the wineries (adegas) nearby are in a stunning natural landscape. Because some of the wineries are small, planning ahead helps. There are probably 50 wineries one can visit within an hour of Évora.

Let us help you plan.