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Service Philosophy

Your Unique Experience

What makes an experience special for you? When you think about those truly special moments why do they return to you, occupy your stories, and shape your life? Whatever works for you, we want to make your stay here—and the taste you leave with—something you’ll always remember. Years from now if you’re still telling even one little story about a special dinner, something wonderful, or someone you met in Évora, we’ll consider that success.

We are at our best when we identify services, activities, history, and culture that are relevant to you. No matter how much (or how little) you prepare ahead of time, when a place is new you’re still at the mercy of chance. Stumbling upon the right café. Seeing the right exhibit. Overhearing a conversation about a festival that starts tonight.

We think of it like this: If you were coming to visit an old friend in Évora, someone who really knows you, what would she recommend? Where would she take you? What would she know you’d love to do just because she understands?

We love Évora as much for what it is as for what it can mean to you. Our way is to guide you to a deeper experience. Our goal is to show you our Local Soul.

Our purpose is to meet your needs, handle the details, and reveal our town to you in a way that only we can. Let us help you find your place here.

What we are and aren't

You have obviously traveled a great deal and developed your own sense of what you like and don’t like in a place or environment. We are the same in that respect. We try to create an atmosphere based on what we want to experience when we travel. This is what we work toward -

Anticipating needs – You shouldn’t have to ask for everything

Being helpful without being overbearing – When you want to talk, we should be around. When you want quiet time, we should be invisible.

Being authentic without being a robot – Your experience should be unique and based on your needs rather than how we think you should be spending your time.

Delivering the finest 5 star service in a casual relaxed manner.

Languages we speak – Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, although we will ask you to teach us a word or two if your native language is different.


Our ideal client

Our ideal clients are travelers who are interested in what evora and the alentejo have to offer – for what it is rather than what it isn’t.

 - Individuals, couples or small groups of couples

 - People that want or are open to recommendations and opinions

 - People that care about the quality of the overall experience

 - People that care about a decent cup of coffee

Our data tells us that the longer you stay, the better the impression you leave with.