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What is the best hotel for you in Évora?

I live here and am in the hotel business. I am obviously biased, but believe finding the right hotel is a matching process. Decide on your key criteria and do the research to determine what hotel will best meet your needs. Value is a function of what you get in exchange for what you pay.

My decision of where to stay goes like this:

Am I interested in just a functional experience or is service important to me as well?

SERVICE - the two main criteria for me are (friendliness should be a given):

  • Helpfulness – Do they anticipate my needs or do I have to ask for everything? Are the recommendations I receive, the right recommendations for me?
  • Waiting – My time is valuable. Do I have to wait in line for anything or do they have the right staffing levels?

FUNCTIONALITY - my main functional criteria are:

  • Size – How large is the hotel and what type of clientele do they cater to? We consider a big hotel to be anything over 50 rooms because at that level they attract tour groups.
  • Location – The key criteria here for you to decide is inside the walls versus outside the walls. Évora is small enough so that any hotel inside the walls is probably in a good location.



Pousada dos Loios:  a 2 minute walk

Residencial Riviera:  a 1 minute walk

Evora Inn Chiado Design:  in the center

Solar de Monfalim:  a 3 minute walk

M'AR De AR Muralhas:  5 minute walk

Residencial Policarpo: a 5 minute walk

Best Western Santa Clara: 5 minute walk

M'AR De AR Aqueduto: an 8 minute walk

adc Hotel: an 8 minute walk

Convento do Espinheiro: a 7 minute drive

*Be cognizant of parking availability and noise if directly in the center



Pousada dos Loios – architecture, location in front of the Roman temple

Residencial Riviera - location on a pedestrian street

Best Western Santa Clara - location

Solar de Monfalim – old style building

M'AR De AR Muralhas – group friendly, pool and view of city walls

Residencial Policarpo – old style building

M'AR De AR Aqueduto – contemporary design, view of the aquaduct

adc Hotel – Service, breakfast, common areas, helping maximize your entire stay

Evora Inn Chiado Design – Self service, funky

Convento do Espinheiro – Luxury, Grounds, Restaurant

Evora Hotel – Groups, more of a resort like feel



For a contemporary style:  Evora Inn Chiado Design, M'AR De AR Aqueduto

For a blend of styles: Convento Espinheiro, adc Hotel

For traditional decor: Pousada dos Loios, Residencial Riviera, Solar de Monfalim, Policarpo, M'AR De AR Muralhas



Parking and ease of entry and exit (inside the walls): M'AR De AR Hotels, adc Hotel

Wifi: adc Hotel

Breakfast: adc Hotel, M'Ar D'Ar Aqueduto

Pool: M'AR De AR Hotels, Convento Espinheiro, Evora hotel, Ecork Hotel


When someone complains, what is it that they don't like –

Pousada dos Loios: small rooms, traditional in a way that does not appeal to everyone, groups, service

Residencial Riviera – late night noise, few parking spaces, stairs

Best Western Santa Clara – dark, few parking spaces

Solar de Monfalim – stairs, lack of parking, old building

Mar Dar Muralhas – groups, big hotel, no free wifi throughout

Residencial Policarpo – rooms with shared bathrooms, stairs

M'AR De AR Aqueduto – contemporary design, no free wifi throughout

adc Hotel– high expectations, simple styling, parking garage is tight

Evora Inn Chiado Design – self service, stairs

Convento Espinheiro – location if you want to be in city center, weddings and events focus, service

Evora Hotel – groups, location away from city center