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Day Trips

How much time do you need in Évora? We acknowledge it is self serving, but a minimum of three nights if you want to properly explore the area. We highly recommend a day to explore the city on foot. You could easily utilize 2 days if taking your time. We also recommend using our hotel as a base and consider exploring the unique small towns in the region. No checking in and out each day. Leave after breakfast and be home well before dinner. You could easily spend a week here exploring the region without repeating yourself. We highly recommend having a car if you want to explore the greater Alentejo. We can’t tell you how many times we have had guests at checkout tell us that they had wished they stayed longer.

Use Évora as your base. light traffic and well worth the drive. We will be happy to provide you with a list of restaurant recommendations and can’t miss places for each of these day trips. We can help you combine any of these trips with visits to local wineries.

Monsaraz and São Pedro do Corval

Monsaraz is a tiny fairytale walled village that maintains a delightful medieval atmosphere. It is one of the prettiest walled villages in Portugal. See the traditional pottery in São Pedro do Corval on your way to or from. (40 km to 50 km)

Vila Viçosa and Estremoz

Everything in Vila Viçosa seems to be made of marble. Benches, curbs, window frames, and lots more are made from the "white gold."  The same is true in our region’s largest “marble town,” Estremoz. The palace in Vila Viçosa is a big surprise. (45 km to 55 km)


Dating back to Celtic times, it is famous for its beautiful traditional carpets—originated by the Moors. This is a living tradition. Combine this with a morning seeing the megaliths. The people in the tourist office can show you two neat surprises. (20 km)

Marvão & Castelo de Vide

At 862 meters above sea level you have a splendid 360˚view from one of Portugal’s spectacular walled villages. The castle dates to the 13th century. The synagogue unearthed in nearby Castelo de Vide has been converted to a museum. (120 km)


Enjoy a gorgeous day at the beach along a quiet stretch of pristine coast where there is nothing but fine, white sand, and blue water – and a great restaurant called Museu do Arroz. Accessible by the motor way or back country roads (130 km)


Elvas is a newly named UNESCO world heritage site. Apart from the old town, requisite castle and aqueduct, it also has 2 forts, Santa Luzia and Nossa Senhora da Graça (a ruin) 5 minutes away on either side of the town.  There is also one of the oldest British war cemeteries (albeit small) from the Napoleonic wars hidden away. (100 km)


Dip your toe into Spain by visiting what was the most important Roman town in the greater region. We really like the coliseum, amphitheater and the mosaics in the museum are awesome. A full day, but worth it. (160 km)